Benefits of Pomegranate Enzymes for Sensitive Skin

Pomegranate enzymes help dissolve and unglue the bonds between dead skin cells, which causes skin to exfoliate and slough off. Enzymes in skincare are usually derived from plant sources and they are found in exfoliating or brightening products such as the Five Dot Botanics Brighten Up Face Mist. Enzymes are a great gentle alternative to alpha hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes offer a gentle option for revealing brighter skin without any of the harshness of more conventional acid toners.

What are Pomegranate Enzymes?

Pomegranate is extracted from the unused residual fruit pulp. The macerated fruit is then fermented with Lactobacillus lactis. Lactobacillus is a type of bacteria found in a range of foods like yoghurt. The pomegranate fruit is combined with Lactobacillus until it ferments and activates the enzymes. The process is entirely natural and environmentally friendly. No other ingredients besides bacteria are needed for the fermentation process. 

What Can Pomegranate Enzymes Do For Skin 

Pomegranate enzymes works best as a replacement for alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs are common ingredients in skincare products such as acid toners. However AHA can often create problems for skin especially when acid levels are too harsh. Strong acid toners can damage the skin barrier and are also responsible for aggravating sensitive skin.

Pomegranate enzyme are a great alternative to AHAs, they can penetrate deep into the skin in a more gentle and effective way. Enzymes slowly encourage the renewal of skin cells and this fights ageing, creating smoother and softer skin. 

The molecular structures of fruit enzymes can also combat inflammation, preventing breakouts on the surface of the skin. 

Enzymes even have strong effects against acne. Acne comes from a variety of sources, including irritated and inflamed skin. Pomegranate enzymes are great at removing dead cells that clog pores and create acne.  

Enzymes as an alternative to Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Fruit enzymes help exfoliate skin without disrupting our pH which means they are great for skin health. Enzymes are the gentlest form of exfoliation, making them ideal for sensitive complexions. Whilst AHAs tend to provide quick results, they also have the potential to irritate the skin.  

AHA are best used with caution if you have sensitive skin especially if the product has a high percentage of acid. If you like your skincare to be gentle then enzymes are preferable to certain types of acids. Enzymes are a much gentler way to exfoliate and brighten the complexion, and especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin. Pomegranate, papaya and pumpkin are at the forefront of enzymatic exfoliation and they help diminish age spots and brighten up our complexion.


Pomegranate Enzymes In Skincare Products

Pomegranate enzymes are incredibly versatile. Pomegranate enzymes are also really effective alongside rosewater. Both work together to remove dirt and dead cells, allowing vitamins and serums to penetrate through the layers of skin. 

You can apply pomegranate enzymes products onto any part of the skin and enzymes do not need heat or cold to activate. 

Fruit Enzymes work well in a face mists when used regularly. Pursue the perfect skincare treatments. Five Dot Botanics provides affordable, all-natural solutions. Browse our products today and see for yourself the benefits of using natural, high-quality, minimal ingredient skincare.
August 17, 2021 — Five Dot