In this series, we chat with some impressive founders who are striving to make a difference in the consumer-shopping space. Whilst all founders have very different missions and problems to solve, all want one thing in common: to radically change how consumers shop. 

This week, we sat down with Sándor Lázár, founder of Elth, who talks us through his mission to give power back to consumers and provide full (and accurate) product transparency.



My name is Sándor Lázár and I am the co-founder of Elth, I am in charge of marketing and sales.


When did you start?

We incorporated the company a year ago, but our website has only been live since November 2021.



What inspired you to launch Elth?

 There is way too much greenwashing in the beauty industry, meaning many brands use green marketing to let consumers think their products are clean, healthy, natural… but they are not.

We have all the tools today to give the power back to consumers and provide real transparency in this sector. That’s what we are doing at Elth.

Our partnership with INCI Beauty enables us to analyze beauty products’ compositions and rate them on an ingredients quality basis.

This partnership is the first step towards our mission of transparency: we will find the best technologies out there and plug them into our platform so people can shop online without having to doubt the quality of what they’re purchasing.


What is unique about your brand?

We are the only platform to have this data-driven approach. All the products you’ll find on our platform are proven to be good for your health! Is there anyone else who can truly say this?


5 years from now, what is your big goal for your brand?

We aim to become the online destination of reference for health & beauty.


Why do you like Five Dot Botanics? Do you have a favourite product?

We love Five Dot Botanics’ methods. We’ve spent hours studying beauty products’ composition labels at Elth, and my belief is that many brands have way too complex formulas for their products. How do you want people to understand and trust them?

Five Dot cuts from all this noise, and it’s a real pleasure. 5 ingredients, all high-quality & plant-based? We said « yes » immediately.

I personally love the Pure Rewind face mask, but I must say all their products are great because they are simple and efficient. And they all have top ratings on Elth!


What is your best learning from starting up your brand?

Tough question...

When you start your brand, you have a very special idea and you want to start growing awareness around it. People tend to make things more complicated than they really are, and that’s a bad habit!

Keep things simple. It is crucial to identify a real need before you build your brand, to make sure every step you take in the future aims to solve this specific need, and to take constant feedback around you.

Consistency & simplicity will attract people, and people make great brands!


What is your favourite health & wellbeing tip?

I like to think that a good health and wellbeing routine requires more than just good skincare: exercise, get out and spend time in nature, with friends… you will have already rounded off 70% of your routine.

For the 30% left, make sure you understand the products you eat and put on your skin. If you can’t read the label, you know where to find us!


We are proud to be a small part of Elth’s journey. To find out more about the business, discover some seriously healthy products, or shop Five Dot Botanics, click here.
February 15, 2022 — Five Dot