Five Minutes with...Generous APE Founder, Hugo Empson

In this series, we chat with some impressive founders who are striving to make a difference in the consumer-shopping space. Whilst all founders have very different missions and problems to solve, all want one thing in common: to radically change how consumers shop. 

This week, we sat down with Hugo Empson, founder of Generous APE, who talked about his mission to change the future of fashion, for both brands and consumers.


Hi, can you start us off with a bit about you? What is your name and what do you currently work on in your business?

I'm Hugo Empson, and I am the founder of Generous APE. I run the operations for the business, and I am currently focusing on our brand partnerships and brand development.


When did you start?

We set up Generous APE in 2020, however, the business idea was carved out back in 2016 from a previous sustainable retail venture.

What inspired you to launch?

I was inspired to build a platform that could act as a catalyst for change for the future of fashion, for both brands and customers.

The desire was to build a platform that would help incubate, grow and support Independent sustainable brands. The retail industry has not been kind to our planet and is one of the largest global polluters. The retail landscape is changing, consumers behaviours are evolving and the demand for planet conscious brands is growing exponentially. Generous APE was born out of the philosophy that you can shop sustainably without sacrificing stylistically. Our mission is to inspire people to change their shopping behaviours to endorse and support brands that value the planet and their environmental impact.

What is unique about your brand?

At Generous APE we prioritise product as paramount in our curation standards. We feel it is truly important to prove that sustainable and conscious retail is now at a point where it is truly seamless to adopt. We have a hybrid offering of style and sustainability, which historically have not worked well together, however, our curation truly offers an abundance of both.

5 years from now, what is your big goal for your brand?

I see Generous APE being a powerful force on the high street with bricks and mortar sites, and with a global presence online. I believe our ability to grow and incubate our partnered brands will see the brands flourish alongside us, and we will have grown an investment arm of the business which helps build and scale sustainable retail businesses.

Why do you like Five Dot Botanics? Do you have a favourite product?

At Five dot Botanics, ingredients have to earn their place in products. Skincare has so many options but a minimalist approach is what I love about the brand.

The renewal eye serum has always stood out for me personally. I have now entered my 30's and have now had to pay attention to my skincare. Being an entrepreneur comes at the price of many late nights and stress, this product is a lifesaver for getting rid of the fatigued eyes, bags and puffiness.

What is your best learning from starting up your brand?

That you can never stop learning, and that having a flat structure where everyone's voice can be heard when it comes to strategy. You learn the most from yourself not in your successes, it's when things are hard and testing that personal growth flourishes best

What is your favourite health & wellbeing tip?

Drink more Water


We are proud to be a small part of Generous APE's journey. To find out more about the business, discover some new sustainable, independent brands, or shop Five Dot Botanics, click here. 

January 20, 2022 — Five Dot