Five Minutes With...Humanery Founder, Sid Baveja

In this series, we chat with some impressive founders who are striving to make a difference in the consumer-shopping space. Whilst all founders have very different missions and problems to solve, all want one thing in common: to radically change how consumers shop. 

This week, we sat down with Sid Baveja, founder of Humanery, who talked about his mission to provide a place of solitude and belonging for men who want to take part in grooming and self care. 

Hi, can you start us off with a bit about you? What is your name and what do you currently work on in your business?

My name is Sid Baveja, and I am the Founder + CEO of Humanery. I focus my time mostly on building relationships with fantastic beauty brands such as Five Dot Botanics, tech and product with our CTO and hiring a team that will build the most reputable online destination for men's grooming, beauty and self-care products.

When did you start?

We launched in October 2021. We're based in London, UK but our team is distributed globally.

What inspired you to launch?

The idea for Humanery was inspired by my own experience of feeling excluded/left out from the beauty and self-care industry. I felt like the selection, choice, discovery of better products and self-care advice as a male consumer was always missing. Either the retailers didn't care or I felt social stigma in approaching an expert to help me solve my own aesthetic objectives (started with post-shave razor burn). By speaking to friends, I realised this was a broader problem and many men wanted better products but had no idea where to go for advice, education and the ability to conveniently purchase better products. We launched Humanery to solve this huge problem.



What is unique about your brand?

We're purpose-built for the male consumer, but we don't want to exclude anyone. c 30% of our sales come from women, who are helping the men in their lives feel empowered with better self-care, grooming and beauty products. Also, we are highly curated, so you won't find mass-market brands on the platform. Our hope is to champion independent brands such as Five Dot Botanics for as long as we can.


5 years from now, if money were no object, what is your big goal for your brand?

Humanery will be global across countries.

Why do you like Five Dot Botanics? Do you have a favourite product?

The Cleanse and Balance Edit. Both my wife and I use it. 

What is your best learning from starting up your brand?

Focus on building strong foundations - no shortcuts. 

What is your favourite health & wellbeing tip?

Keep it simple and be patient. It takes time for high-quality products to create results. 

We are proud to be a small part of Humanery's journey. To find out more about the business, discover some new sustainable, independent brands, or shop Five Dot Botanics, click here. 

January 27, 2022 — Five Dot