Five Tips To Protect Your Skin While Keeping Fit

Sports and exercise are clearly essential for our health, improving many aspects of the body, from muscles to the heart. However, did you know that exercise can promote your skin’s health by improving circulation? Exercise is an excellent way to ease stress, which also aids to reduce the effect of stress-related skin concerns, such as acne which can heal a lot slower when you’re stressed.

Five Dot Botanics was built to give everyone access to healthy skin - but healthy skin isn’t ALL about healthy skincare products, but also about your lifestyle choices -  this includes a balanced exercise plan and *sigh* eating a balanced diet. However, if you don’t think about your skincare during and after exercise, you might start to notice your skin feeling sore or dull when you start upping your fitness-game.

So, we’ve put together our 5 top tips for protecting your skin whilst keeping fit.


1. Wear SPF protection

This tip mainly applies to those who engage in outdoor sports and workouts, but we are a skincare brand, and wearing sunscreen every single day regardless of working out is still essential to reduce your skin’s exposure to UV radiation.

Wearing sunscreen should also be applied even in the wintertime even if you think it is unnecessary because of greyer skies and shorter days. There are now a variety of sunscreens available from pH-balanced sunscreen to powders with SPF protection, so if sweating while working out in the sun is a problem for you, you are already covered.



2. Wear appropriate clothing that covers as much skin as possible

Again, another tip for those who love the great outdoors to get their bodies working. While we did indicate that sunscreen protection is essential, sweating especially with high-intensity sports can remove your traditional sunscreen and increase chances of burning, this is higher especially during the summer. So the best course of action is to make sure that you cover as much skin as possible when working out or engaging in a sport. This tip doesn’t mean you need to wear a full body suit to play basketball or a HIIT workout, it just means if you can still perform these exercises without any hindrance due to your attire, then it’s great to cover as much skin as you can and it works better if they are loose. 


3. Wipe sweat away

Don’t allow sweat to dry on skin, doing so can and will clog pores which can lead to acne. Although sweating is necessary, in order to keep your skin healthy it is best to wipe away sweat as soon as possible, especially if you cannot get any time to shower.


4. Exfoliate regularly

Going back to our point of not allowing your pores to clog up, exfoliation is great for the skin, removing many impurities that are on your face especially after extensive training or activity. We recommend exfoliating around once a week and love using our Pure Rewind Restorative Face Mask, having kaolin clay; it is considered a far gentle way of exfoliating. 


5. Change towels as often as possible

Now this last tip applies to everyday life and not just with exercise, but changing the towels you use after showers is incredibly important, especially with gym towels that you wipe sweat with. This is due to the fact that they hold a plethora of bacteria and continuously using the same one does nothing but harm your skin in the long run.


Skincare is just as important as working your muscles and making sure that it stays protected while keeping everywhere else healthy is vital to keeping you vigorous.

December 30, 2021 — Kwabena Gyane