Gift To The Skin: Which Gift Set Is Right For You?

The season of giving is upon us and whether you plan on giving to others or treating yourself (you deserve it), our gift set edit includes gifts perfect for everyone in the family. 

We've put together this guide to discover which one is right for you or your loved one. Are they in need of some R&R or is their skin looking to glow? Read on to find out.

Relax & Rewind

Give the gift of rest & relaxation.

Know someone who is always on their feet and never setting time aside for themselves? They may not give themselves time for a full skincare regimen every day but does enjoy the odd pamper when they get the chance. If you know someone, or you are yourself, in need of some R&R then our Relax & Rewind gift set is the one you need. 

With our Pure Rewind Restorative Face Mask, packed with just 5 vegan ingredients such as kaolin clay, that works wonders on inflamed skin; and safflower seed oil, with its high linoleic acid concentration to tackle acne and blemishes. This set will leave skin baby soft, clearer and re-hydrated. 

The Relax & Rewind gift set comes with two of our organic muslin cloths to remove the mask once you are done and will give an added gentle exfoliation to your skin. You’ll also find two 2ml sample sachets of our Deep Feed facial serum and Daily Prep facial oil to replenish and nourish your skin after applying the mask. 

usually £34 (save £9). Shop here.

Glow & Brighten

Give the gift of radiant skin.

If you or your loved ones are strapped for time in the morning and just need a quick routine to give the skin a pick-me-up, then the Glow & Brighten is the gift set you need. 

Our Daily Prep Protecting Facial Oil and Full Bright Renewal Eye Serum are a dynamic powerhouse duo that will leave skin radiant and under-eyes refreshed. Our Daily Prep is packed with not one but five potent moisture-locking oils which will hydrate and protect the skin's barrier from daily stresses, whilst our Full Bright, with ingredients like caffeine and liquorice root, will rehydrate your under-eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

You’ll also find a 2ml sample sachet of our Deep Feed facial serum that hydrates and nourishes the skin. This serum is a great alternative to the Daily Prep facial oil for a nighttime routine or if skin feels especially dry. 

usually £56 (save £11). Shop here.

Nourish & Brighten
Give the gift of nourished skin.

If you or your loved ones skin is more senstive, feeling inflammed or feels dry or dehydrated, the Nourish & Brighten gift set is for you. Get all the benefits of the Glow & Brighten set but with the added nourishment of Deep Feed facial serum.

Our Deep Feed will help to reduce inflammation, smooth wrinkles and give skin the intensive nourishment it needs. Whilst a powerhouse of under-eye brightening ingredients work in synergy in our Full Bright Renewal Eye Serum to help reduce dark eye circles and puffiness. This is the perfect set for evening or winter-time routines, or for those that want a more intense boost of hydration in the morning.

You’ll also find a 2ml sample sachet of our Daily Prep facial oil to protect and hydrate the skin during the summer months or if you prefer a lighter hydration in the morning.

usually £68 (save £14). Shop here.

Cleanse & Balance

Give the gift of smooth & soft skin.

Know someone just getting started in the natural skincare world or needs a simple daily routine, they can trust to build healthier skin? Our Cleanse & Balance gift set is the perfect introduction into a vegan skincare routine that is easy to follow for every morning.

This trio set includes our Calm Shift Cleansing Face Balm, which will gently cleanse all makeup and debris; our Brighten Up Balancing Face Mist, which will balance and exfoliate skin with pomegranate extract (the natural AHA); and Daily Prep Protecting Facial Oil, which will hydrate and protect the collagen and elastin in the skin. This triad of products will soothe, balance and protect skin, working towards overall healthier, happier skin.

You’ll also find a 2ml sample sachet of our Deep Feed facial serum to give skin added nourishment in the evening or on a particularly cold, dry day. 

usually £78 (save £13). Shop here.

Whether you're buying for yourself, for a friend, or the whole family we've got the right gift set for anyone to build healthier skin - and you know they'll love unwrapping it too!

Shop the full range here.

November 26, 2021 — Kwabena Gyane