How to Become a Skinimalist

Looking for a new conversation on what skincare is and what it does? Ready to skip endless beauty steps and focus on healthy skin without all the products? Maybe it's time for the skinimalist movement. Read on to find out what skinimalism is and how to incorporate it into your skincare routine.

What is skinimalism?

Skinimalism is a mash-up term of skincare and minimalism. It is the ultimate no buy beauty, using less, buying slower and having minimal products in your bathroom cabinet. Overloaded beauty shelves are over; move over to a new way of looking after your skin and join the skinimalists path to naturally healthy skin. 

Who can be a skinimalist?

Skinimalists are minimalist skincare users that believe using fewer products and fewer ingredients is better for your skin. Five Dot Botanics is a minimalist skincare range, meaning our customers are skinimalists. We love the skinimalist movement as it aligns with our philosophy - that using less is better for your skin.

Skinimalists use fewer products

Skinimalists use fewer products on their skin - maybe one, two, or three products in total. This could take the form of a small curated range of products. They do not use multiple products a day, nor do they have different morning, afternoon, or evening products. Five Dot Botanics only has six products in our range; all you need to take your skin from morning to evening.

Skinimalists and the beauty industry

Skinimalists stand in opposition to the endless hype of the beauty industry. To sell billions of pounds of products, the beauty industry relies on consumer insecurity, leading to becoming closer to fast fashion. There are fast beauty launches, and trend-led products developed to satisfy the constant need for newness. In a world of overconsumption and weaker skin, consumers now seek a new kind of beauty, and that is minimalism. 

Skincare and minimalism

Minimalism appears across all kinds of industries from interior design, clothing, architecture. Yet minimalism in the beauty industry is a movement reborn. It takes us back to a simplicity that existed before the commercial beauty industry was created. 

People have been using too many skincare products, and many of those products and ingredients are responsible for damaging the skin barrier, which leads to an even greater reliance on multiple products. When you strip your skincare back to minimal natural ingredients from plants, the skin thrives.

Less is more skincare

More than ever, people are experiencing thin skin, sensitive skin and weak skin. However, they realise that instead of needing all these products, it is possible to have firm, healthy skin with fewer products. Instead of 10 step routines, skinimalists believe two steps can be enough. Instead of 20 skincare products in your drawer, skinimalists believe that three products can be enough. Consumers are no longer listening to the beauty industry; they are listening to their skin.

Skinimalists look for fewer ingredients

Using fewer products is one thing, but true skinimalists look to use fewer ingredients on their skin. Lots of beauty brands deliberately take on a minimalist aesthetic. This can be misleading because when you read their ingredient lists, their products are stuffed with ingredients. We only use five ingredients in any product, and this is the ultimate minimalist approach to formulation. It is about using fewer highly effective ingredients that help the skin be healthier.

Skinimalist Skincare Routine

If you are looking to start a new skincare routine below, our suggested guide is to incorporate a minimal one into your skincare. This routine only uses three products, and each product only has five ingredients — the ultimate skinimal routine.

Three-Step Cleanse, Mist and Nourish Face Routine

Step 1 - Cleanse with Calm Shift Cleansing Face Balm 

Step 2 - Spray hydrate with Brighten Up Balancing Face Mist

Step 3 - Nourish with Daily Prep Protecting Facial Oil

Benefits of a Skinimalist Skincare Routine 

Skincare doesn't need to be complicated. With an effective three-step skincare routine, you can have healthy skin that is clear and strong. Five Dot Botanics has a minimalist approach to ingredients, which means you are less likely to experience irritation from your routine, and you will know exactly what is going on your skin. We focus on high-quality botanical actives that give your skin what it needs for strength and health.

Step 1 - Cleansing

Cleansing is an essential part of your skincare. Calm Shift Cleansing Balm helps gently remove dirt, pollution, and makeup from your skin; it is plant and oil-based and is highly effective at removing impurities — all designed to leave your skin calm.

This balm cleans and conditions the skin with no harsh feeling. It contains lavender, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and helps calm and soothe skin, whilst glycerin moisturises and softens.

Step 2 - Spray Hydrate

After cleansing your skin, the next step is to spray hydrate your skin with Brighten Up Balancing Face Mist, a hydrating flower mist. This mist adds moisture to your skin, and the botanical ingredients work together to brighten, balance and moisturise.

Active pomegranate enzymes help remove dead skin cells for clearer-looking skin and rosewater detoxifies skin while restoring pH levels. The glycerin in the mist will help add moisture.

Step 3 - Nourishing Plant Oils

After cleansing and while your skin remains damp from misting, massage 2-3 drops of Daily Prep Facial Oil into your freshly cleansed face. This concentrated, antioxidant facial oil helps relieve dry skin with its blend of five pure, nourishing plant oils.

The plant oils deliver your skin a mix of essential fatty acids and vital antioxidants to relieve and moisturise dry skin. This oil will help to repair and protect your skin barrier.

This three-step skinimalist cleanse, mist and face oil routine will ensure your skin is clean, hydrated and nourished every day.  

We hope you enjoy your journey to becoming a skinimalist.

January 01, 2021 — Five Dot