How to have naturally healthy winter skin

In those autumn and winter months, our skin can become dry and dehydrated.

By following our winter skincare guide below, you can follow through the simple steps to help your skin remain smooth, hydrated and naturally protected during the cold winter months.

Why does your skin feel different during the winter season?

During the colder months, the main factors contributing to your skin feeling different are temperature, heating and sunshine.

Cold Weather

During the winter, the cold and wind can reduce the moisture levels in your skin.

Reduced moisture in your skin can make your skin dry, rough or tight, and it may feel more sensitive. Don’t forget that dry skin is particularly common on the face during winter because it’s more exposed to the weather.

Indoor Heat

In the winter, it isn’t even the cold weather that can affect your skin’s condition.

Central heating is also responsible for drying out the air. This adds to the water loss in your skin, which can leave you with dehydrated skin. When your skin begins to lose its moisture and becomes dehydrated, it means it lacks the water levels needed to function effectively.

Less Sunshine

With less sunshine in the darker winter months, your skin is also losing access to nutrients, like Vitamin D, which can cause the skin to look dull. It’s essential to continue your skincare routine in winter and to use gentle products and ingredients that won’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Winter Skincare Routine

To keep skin looking and feeling softer, hydrated and protected all season, follow our winter skincare routine, suitable for all skin types.

STEP 1: Cleansing

Calm Shift Cleansing Face Balm

Cleansing during the winter remains an essential part of your skincare. Our Calm Shift Cleansing Balm helps to remove dirt and pollution from your skin; it is plant-based and gentle at removing impurities from dry and wind-exposed skin.

Our cleansing balm will leave your skin with no harsh feeling, and it contains soothing lavender, which is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and helps calm skin, whilst glycerin and hazelnut oil moisturise and soften.

         Calm Shift Cleansing Face Balm


STEP 2: Spray Hydrate 

Brighten Up Face Mist

After cleansing your face, the next step is to spray hydrate your dry winter skin with Brighten Up Balancing Face Mist, a hydrating flower mist. Our mist adds moisture to your skin, and the botanical ingredients work together to brighten, balance and moisturise dehydrated winter skin.

Active pomegranate enzymes help remove dead skin cells for clearer-looking skin and rosewater detoxifies skin while restoring pH levels. The glycerin in the mist will help to add further moisture.


STEP 3: Moisturise

Daily Prep Face Oil

After cleansing and while your skin remains damp from spray hydrating, massage 2-3 drops of our rich plant-based facial oil into your freshly cleansed face. This concentrated, antioxidant facial oil helps relieve dry winter skin with its blend of five pure nourishing plant oils.

The plant oils deliver your skin a mix of essential fatty acids and vital antioxidants to relieve and moisturise dry skin. This oil will help to repair and protect your skin barrier and is perfect when heading outdoors into the cold.

        Daily Prep Protecting Facial Oil

November 11, 2020 — Five Dot