How to practice Slow Beauty

Five Dot Botanics a slow beauty brand. However, slow beauty and slow skincare is not just about lazy days, relaxing times and slowing down your skincare routine.

Slow beauty is part of a lifestyle which prioritises health, physical and mental wellbeing, the environment and the wider community. It is part of a cultural shift of living life and doing things slower and more mindfully.

In a world of confusion, we think the slow beauty movement is more than skincare, it is a new way of life.

Why is Slow Beauty becoming popular?

The pace of life for many is getting faster and faster and it can be exhausting. If there ever was a time to slow things down and take time for a slower skincare routine with minimalist skincare products, it is now. Recent events have given many of us time to re-evaluate our lives and choices and wonder if slower is better.

The slow living movement

Slow beauty is an extension of the slow living movement, which was a backlash to over consumption and fast living. You may have heard of slow food and slow fashion, slow beauty is part of that way of thinking.

It is not just a lifestyle choice, slow minimalist beauty is really a necessity these days. Global warming is becoming an increasing threat, the awareness of the need to protect the environment is continuing to grow and slow beauty is part of the narrative that surrounds consumption and what impact that has on people and the planet.

Slow beauty mindset

Slow beauty is a holistic approach to beauty and skincare. That means that slow beauty is part of an evaluation of choices that go beyond your skin and to the heart of how and why you buy.

If you are interested in slow beauty and minimalist skincare, then it is likely you are also thinking similarly about what you are eating and what clothes you buy.  Slow beauty is a mindset and a move towards a lifestyle of slow living.

Slow skincare

Over consumption and a demand for newness has meant that the beauty industry has fallen into a continuous loop of new product development and  “fast” beauty launches, which are synonymous with fast fashion.

Buying lots of new beauty products, purchasing the top skincare trends and buying into the hype of beauty product launches, fuelled the rise of the shelfie, photos showing rows and rows of beauty, make-up or skincare products on people’s bathroom shelves. For a slow beauty consumer less is more. Five Dot Botanics make curated thoughtful products that endure, they are more likely to be found on a minimalist shelf in a bathroom.


Slow beauty is based on principles, which surround sustainability and the impact of the choices we make when we buy from a business. Slow beauty and minimalist skincare is about making better choices that protect people and the planet.

Health and Wellbeing

Slow beauty may at first seem like it is all about the end products and how many products you use in your skincare routine, however it is more about how we look after ourselves and how we feel about ourselves.  Slowing down our beauty and skincare is about prioritising health and wellbeing. It is a change in perspective that encourages a more responsible and healthier standpoint. This can include getting a goodnight’s sleep, eating a better diet or buying a product, which contains plant based or vegan ingredients.

Mindful Consumption

Slow beauty is also about taking more time to buy a skincare product and being patient with a product (not expecting overnight miracles, that the marketing hype promises). It is a mindful focus on your skin's own functions  and encourages us to consider what we really need from a product.

Do more with less

Five Dot Botanics is a British minimalist beauty brand with one mission “do more with less”. We make minimal ingredient skincare for pared back skincare routines.

Are you ready to join the slow beauty movement?

July 29, 2020 — Five Dot