Kickstart Scheme with Five Dot Botanics

What is the Kickstart Scheme?

Created to benefit young people aged 16-24 receiving Universal Credit, the Kickstart Scheme provided roughly £2 billion to cover the wages, national insurance and pension contributions of these young individuals. Six-month job placements were created by employers to take on these individuals, allowing them to develop new skills that would help them in the working world. 

We had the privilege of taking on three bright and ingenious young adults who have shown their innovative and sagacious nature throughout their placement. We were delighted to work with our kickstarters and they have taught us as much as we taught them, changing how we operate, not only as a business but as a brand.

We decided to have a quick Q&A with all three of them: Antonio, Kwabena and Victoria, hearing what they learnt and why they decided to choose Five Dot Botanics as their placement option. After all, we didn’t just choose them, they chose us too.


Why did you decide to work at Five Dot Botanics?

Antonio: The reason I wanted to work at Five Dot Botanics was because the idea of a skincare brand only using five ingredients was appealing to me. When I did start working for the business, the work culture was not corporate-oriented which I very much enjoyed and reaffirmed my decision to work with them.

Kwabena: I remember looking through a list of companies that I could work for, and Five Dot Botanics was the company I kept on revisiting as I looked through the brochure. As Antonio said, the whole idea of just using five ingredients was new to me and, being a creative myself, I was intrigued by this interesting USP and definitely wanted to know more about it.

Victoria: I wanted a company that I knew would help me learn and grow in my chosen career path and during the interview, I felt as if I was talking to an actual person who cared about what I was saying and who I was and not just seeing whether I checked boxes.


What new skills did you learn and what old skills did you develop at Five Dot Botanics?

Antonio: The skills I learnt whilst working at Five Dot include SEO analysis, focus group leading, contract reviewing and effective inventory reporting. I developed my HTML writing and understanding and my database management skills.

Kwabena: SEO copywriting and copy editing are new skills I learnt while working and the one I developed would have to be creating social engagement. 

Victoria: I learnt about PR writing and retailer collaboration along with the process of gifting. The skills I developed are my email writing skills and my brand researching skills.


What was your favourite moment at Five Dot Botanics?

Antonio: My first day at work, I know it's cliche but it was the moment I realised I had made the right decision to work at Five Dot Botanics, I felt so comfortable on my first day and commemorating it with a picture was a plus.

Kwabena: The Secret Santa Situation, it was so great finding out who we had to get presents for and had to keep quiet about it, it was the first time I had done that so it was a new experience for me. Five Dot Botanics felt like a family and it’s mainly due to how small it was, I knew everyone by name and we talked often, so it was so easy to become comfortable around everyone.

Victoria: Going to the B2B Marketing Expo was one of my favourite moments, going to so many different talks and learning so much about marketing and marketing technology fanned my passion for marketing in general.


What is your favourite Five Dot Botanics product?

Antonio: Can’t choose but out of the six products it would be the Calm Shift Cleansing Face Balm, as it smells great and feels so good on my skin when I use it and the Pure Rewind Restorative Face Mask, what can I say, putting it on my skin makes me feel like I am having a mini spa-day in my home.

Kwabena: The Full Bright Renewal Eye Serum is my go-to if I had to pick, just using it on my eyes feels incredible, it’s one of the few times I deal with caffeine, liquorice and horse chestnut all in one go.

Victoria: I have to say the Brighten Up Face Balancing Mist, it’s so refreshing and I use it multiple times a day, it gives me that nice glow!


If you had the opportunity to work at Five Dot Botanics again would you?

Antonio: Yes!

Kwabena: 100% yes.

Victoria: (Laughing) I am still here.

December 21, 2021 — Kwabena Gyane