Minimalist skincare products for selfcare moments

Sometimes we all need to take a little time out for ourselves.  Now more than ever, when the pressures of being in lockdown, home schooling and missing our families are taking their toll, it’s time to look after our skin. Beauty goes much deeper than the surface, and hydrated, glowing skin on the outside can help you feel better on the inside. 

One great way to lift yourself is to enjoy a dedicated selfcare evening, whether this be at home on your own, with those you live with, or virtually with friends. Treating your skin to products that are made with natural ingredients will give you an instant boost and the satisfaction of knowing that you are nourishing your skin with ingredients that you understand.

Here are our 5 essential minimalist skincare products to help you and your skin enjoy a selfcare evening:

1. Minimalist skincare for the eyes

Full Bright renewal eye serum

Restore the tired skin around your eyes and eliminate the dark circles caused by lack of sleep or overexposure to the sun with our Full Bright Renewal Eye Serum.  As with all our products, our eye serum is made with just 5 natural ingredients, including caffeine to reduce puffiness, and horse chestnut to smooth and protect this delicate area of skin.

2. Facial serum to nourish the skin

Deep Feed Nourishing Face Serum

Bring the natural power of the plant world to your selfcare night with our Deep Feed Nourishing Face Serum.  It may only have five ingredients, but this face serum is packed with natural goodness to restore your skin.  This includes antioxidant green coffee beans to reduce the appearance of fine lines, calming chamomile to nourish, and cacay oil to soften dry and damaged skin.

3. Minimal ingredient skin mask to restore

Pure Rewind Restorative Mask

Did you know stress can show itself in your skin? It can make the skin dry or oily, prone to acne and even inflamed.  Be kind to your skin, by treating it to a skin mask made with natural ingredients.  Our Pure Rewind Restorative Mask is the ideal addition to your selfcare evening as it de-stresses, moisturises and strengthens the skin.

4. Daily Prep to protect the skin

Daily Prep Protecting Facial Oil

Our Daily Prep Protecting Facial Oil is the ideal guest at your selfcare evening, because you can use this protecting oil both morning and night. It combines a potent blend of plant oils, including evening primrose oil to soothe tired skin, carrot oil to protect the skin’s natural barrier and sunflower seed oil to promote skin elasticity.  It’s a great way to prepare and energise your skin at the start of the day, or to quench dry, thirsty skin before bed.

5. Natural face mist for brightness and balance

Brighten Up Balancing Mist

The great thing about subscribing to minimalist skincare, is using less products in your regime. Less is most definitely more, when you use products that take a holistic approach to renewing and cleansing your skin. Our Brighten Up Balancing Mist is the perfect overall pick me up for your skin.  It features pomegranate to remove dead skin cells, rosewater to restore PH levels and levulinic acid to balance acidity. Best of all it leaves your skin feeling flowery fresh and beautifully bright.

Added extras to perfect your selfcare evening

To help you unwind and enjoy your selfcare evening, try setting the scene with candles to give atmospheric lighting. Fill the room with relaxing scents such as lavender or ylang ylang.  And don’t forget to wear something comfortable, such as your favourite bath robe or pyjamas.

Order your minimalist skincare products online today from Five Dot Botanics and get your friends on video call, ready to enjoy a night of selfcare.

May 29, 2020 — Five Dot