Quiet Radicals: Zero Carbon Farm

What is a Quiet Radical?

Every single day, there are people all across the globe who inspire and motivate, initiating change through acts, whether big or small, to make the world a better place. Leading by example and going against the status quo by simply asking, “Why not?” With those words, a path of change is created.

These are who we call Quiet Radicals; they need not be loud or even be seen at the forefront to make changes around them, they just need to do, and that is the push required to start radical change.


Who are Zero Carbon Farms?

For the first time, our Quiet Radical is not a person rather a business and Zero Carbon Farms (ZCF) to us was the best business to start with. An AgTech (agriculture technology) company that creates and runs controlled environment farms underground, providing a more sustainable solution to agriculture. The interesting aspect of controlled environment farms is that they can be engineered to replicate optimum conditions for different plants all year long from being able to control multiple variables such as light intensity, temperature, pH and humidity. 

When compared to conventional farming, ZCF use up to 90% less water and grow more in less space. Since they operate in dense urban areas it also means that their food miles are reduced, this in turn reduces their carbon footprint. Along with operating on 100% renewable energy, it is clear that ZCF is paving the way for the future of farming, making it more sustainable and greener.

What have they done?

With their first farm based in Clapham, ZCF has achieved a lot. Growing microgreens from purple radish to green mizuna to red veined sorrel, they launched their wholesale brand, Growing Underground in 2015. Creating salad mixes with influences from various countries like Japan and Italy to selling fresh produce to a range of restaurants, cafes and caterers. Zero Carbon Farms don’t just dabble in food, recently they expanded their range, by collaborating with a cosmetic brand to release products like coriander face creams and coriander and mint shampoos.

What does the future hold?

The future for Zero Carbon Farms is in their name: another farm! While this new farm may not be underground, ZCF want it to be as close as possible to their consumers, and a new farm means they can grow a wider range of crops not just for food, but for health and beauty, an industry they would love to enter properly in the near future.

Learn more about Zero Carbon Farms here: https://zerocarbonfarms.co.uk/
December 21, 2021 — Kwabena Gyane