Black Friday Pure Rewind

We are in a season of heavy discounting and endless marketing messages that say buy now, buy cheap, buy quickly. But as a conscious beauty brand black Friday sales, don’t always sit well with us.

Here are six reasons why Five Dot Botanics is not doing Black Friday 2020, Cyber Monday or any of other seasonal discount cycles.

1. Sustainable Beauty

We created Five Dot Botanics from the point of view that believes using less is better for your skin, for your health and the planet. We are always thinking about what does it mean to be a sustainable beauty brand?

As a conscious beauty brand, we stand against overconsumption, and we believe that collectively we need to all think more carefully about the things we really need. We are not perfect, however starting with an eco-friendly outlook was always important to us as it is collective small steps that can make a difference. We believe consuming less is a good place to start if we want to lead healthier, happier lives and to reduce our long term impact on the planet. We all own a lot of thing we don’t really need and you may be surprised by how much stuff we actually own and don’t really need

2. Shun Discounting

Our thoughtfully curated skincare range stands for slow beauty and low consumption. We never wanted to create a brand that became addicted to discounting. We don’t want you only to buy when we have a sale. We want you to love us all year round. We shun heavy discounting, and we are an independent business set up to challenge the beauty industry over the number of ingredients used in products. Our customers believe in better skincare and more mindful sustainable beauty. A sustainable environment means consuming less, not differently.

3. Appreciate Ingredients 

Our skincare uses carefully selected botanical ingredients that are grown and lovingly included in our products. These ingredients are expertly blended for the skin. We don’t stuff our skincare with cheap synthetic chemicals, when you buy from us you are purchasing pure plant goodness.

4. Build a Sustainable Business

Five Dot Botanics customers support brands building sustainable businesses, and that includes paying people fairly. We keep our manufacturing in the UK even though there are facilities abroad that would be far cheaper for us to go with. We’ve always wanted to be part of supporting jobs and employment in the UK.

Our customers come back to us again and again. We understand the need to reward our customers, and we have a loyalty scheme that gives our customers access to special offers and promotions. If you want to know more about that, sign up to our newsletter or join The Dots our loyalty scheme.

5. Embrace Slow Beauty

Our skincare range is designed to be used throughout your whole life. We aren’t like other beauty brands that have embraced fast beauty, continually launching product after product.

We don’t aim to introduce new products every season to make people buy things they don’t need just because it’s brand-new. We only have six products in our range so you can afford to buy slowly from us. You can read about embracing Slow Beauty here.

6. Do More With Less

You don’t have to be a minimalist, to believe that less is more.

We believe in buying fewer, but higher quality, things. That is our philosophy when it comes to skincare, and we think it is a good one to apply for all the things you buy in life. Together we can consume less for our own health and the health of the planet, and if you want to know why minimalist skincare is good for you, have a look here.

November 23, 2020 — Georgina Dunn