Skincare routine for a relaxed bedtime

When was the last time you prepared your mind for sleep and focussed on a slow bedtime ritual to help you relax and unwind at the end of the day?  For better sleep and a mindful end to your day, you don’t need to look far to create a mindful bedtime routine. Finding small ways to create new habits is key.

Create Space to Relax

The purpose of a mindful bedtime routine is to help create a space for your mind to relax, let the day’s anxieties and stresses drain away and prepare to ease yourself to sleep. Routines before bed do not need to be long, the key is to spend focussed time being aware of the present moment.


Be Mindful 

Incorporating mindfulness into your beauty routine before bedtime is an easy way to find a moment of “me time”. Instead of rushing through your skincare, use that time to focus on you, your skin and to take a moment to reflect on how you are feeling, physically and emotionally. Often in the rush of daily life we do not think about how we are really feeling.

Lose the Tension

An easy to incorporate mindful bedtime beauty routine is to give yourself a facial massage when applying your facial serum. Face massage is a really great way to help relieve stress and tension before bedtime. If we have had a stressful day we may hold tension in our face particularly around the jaw and around the temples.


Five Simple Steps

  1. Before you start, make sure you take a few deep breaths to help focus your mind. 
  2. Make sure you have cleansed your skin with a gentle cleanser  before starting your facial massage and leave your skin slightly damp. 
  3. Use 2-3 drops of an oil based facial serum like our Deep Feed Facial Serum.  
  4. There are various ways to apply a serum or facial oil. Some people like to push and press the serum onto their face, you can do this by rubbing the serum in your palms and then using your palms to press and pat the serum into your face. Another way to apply the serum is to massage your face in upward strokes using more pressure. You can use the serum on your neck and neck. By applying the serum directly onto your face you benefit from all the ingredients going into your skin!
  5. As your face muscles relax, try to keep your mind still and focus on applying the serum to your face. You only need a few minutes of massage to feel the benefits, not only will you feel better, your skin will thank you for it.
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November 04, 2021 — Kwabena Gyane