The Five Benefits of Plant-Based Skincare

Plant-based skincare can improve and protect your skin. It is also a gentle option for use on damaged skin and can help your skin microbiome flourish through working with your skin’s flora. There is as much science behind plant-based skincare as synthetic skincare and there are a number of benefits. Antioxidant-rich plant ingredients can help protect the skin. There are also a number of essential vitamins and fats that come from plant ingredients that can help support cell repair and can help decrease signs of aging.  

Plant-based skin care has experienced an exponential growth in recent years but has been used by people for centuries, not only for medicinal uses but also for cosmetics. From fresh moringa being seen as a vital ingredient in wrinkle treatments in Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greeks grounding olives to exfoliation.

Even without being fully aware of the science behind these plants, ancient civilizations were already cognizant of their beneficial effects. In the present day, we have an abundant knowledge of what makes plants so essential in our skincare routines, so let us go through a few and you decide whether plant-based skincare is for you.

Get It From The Root Source

It is a known fact that most synthetic compounds found in some skincare products are just derivatives of their naturally occurring counterparts.

So why use a product with synthetic beta carotene or glycyrrhizin, compounds that are found in carrots and liquorice respectively. These act as antioxidants, helping to repair damaged cells by stabilising free radicals, molecules that harm the body when you can get a plant-based product with these in their natural state

Using natural, botanical products means getting the ingredients without any meddling.

Where They Stem From

Do you ever look at any of your skincare products and wonder what those long lists of ingredients mean and where exactly do they come from? You are not alone, and this is where plant-based beauty takes the limelight once more.

With some skincare products containing harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates. With the recent debates on how parabens, used as preservatives to make cosmetics last longer, are linked to breast cancer development due to their oestrogen mimicry. 

Phthalates on the other hand are used as lubricants, so can be found in moisturisers, much like parabens, they too are endocrine disruptors and are linked to breast cancer and reproductive birth defects. 

While parabens can be spotted relatively easily, with methylparaben and butylparaben being among the most common, phthalates are more stealthy and can hide in the ingredient list as ‘fragrances’.

Botanical skincare products are straight-forward, with far better alternatives such as levulinic acid, found in corn that helps prevent microbial build-up and so can act as a preservative. It is also not an endocrine disruptor so there is never a need to panic when applying products with this ingredient. 

Leave The Animals Behind

Rendered animal fat and boiled tendons, can you imagine using products with these on your skin? Neither can we, with vegan-based beauty products you don’t have to because they have no animal ingredients in them, so out with the collagen and in with the cacay nut.

We at Five Dot Botanics pride ourselves on not only being plant-based, but cruelty-free, none of the products you use from our range has been tested on animals.

Wouldn’t it be calming to know what you put on your face was just what Mother Nature recommends? 

Beam and Bloom

From roses to lavender, chamomile to evening primrose, flowers are not just a beauty to admire, but the benefits they provide can be skin deep.

Flavonoids found in roses and chamomile, beta-caryophyllene in lavenders and omega-6 in evening primroses contribute to their anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, reducing redness and assisting in the maintenance of skin elasticity and healing.    

Soft, smooth, strong skin is just the tip of the iceberg, plants are juggernauts when it comes to skincare, after all we have been using them for centuries.

Supplant Your Skincare 

Almost every part of a plant is packed with vitamins and minerals that are bound to give your skin the care it truly deserves. Shopping plant-based also means you’re more likely to find vegan and cruelty-free skincare products - like us!

Five Dot Botanics believes in the power of plants and that is why we chose a synthetic-free route, with all our ingredients being directly sourced from plants. 

It is our job to give you the highest quality products with premium ingredients, you can browse through our product range and experience the rewarding benefits of plant-based beauty.


January 11, 2022 — Five Dot