The skincare diet

The skincare diet

We’re all pretty good these days at watching what food and nutrients we eat, and are able to discern the good from the bad. Almost anyone can analyse and tweak their diet nowadays, there is alot of information and support out there and it’s possible to know exactly what you are eating rather than rely on the marketing. We’re ready these days to spin a product around and read the ingredients rather than the marketing label on the front. The clean eating movement challenged the status quo of the processed food industry and won.   

But an apple a day doesn’t quite do it, it’s as important to avoid bad foods as it is to get the right amount of healthy ingredients. A leaf of lettuce with a processed sausage is just dressing up the problem.  

The funny thing is that, even though we spend so much time, money and effort to look after our skin, most of us do not apply the same principle to what we put on our skin. We’re reluctant to spin that bottle around because we know we won’t make sense of the ingredients or why we are putting them on out skin; we’re forced to rely instead on knowing a few marketing ingredients however little of the volume they constitute. That is what Five Dot Botanics is trying to change.

The idea of a skincare diet has different meanings to different people, but essentially it’s about minimalism, removing the unnecessary, using less and gaining more in the process. To some it’s about using less products, putting fewer substances on your skin, or removing unnecessary steps in your routine.

To us it is all about removing the unnecessary, giving your skin only what it needs,  and allowing you to see exactly what you are putting on your skin and why.