simplicity skincare

Five Dot Botanics' logo is written in Morse Code, spelling out the word 'five' in dots and dashes. We love the simplicity of the code, its minimal look and the efficient way with which it communicates language. It also taps into our love of innovation and natural science.

Morse code is a metaphor for FiveDot’s “do more with less” mission. Reducing text characters to five dashes or dots, and building a message from there is beautifully transparent. FiveDot Botanics build each product with only five ingredients - it’s beautiful, its elegant, and its challenging.

The beauty of what we do lies in the simplicity and transparency. The science and innovation is managing to combine only five ingredients to make effective skincare products.

It is communication stripped bare – functional, reliable and represented by those stylish dashes and dots. Our logo represents a decoding as such - not only of beauty products and their constituent parts, but also cuts a path through the confusing world of beauty ingredients, paring back and stripping down to the pure essentials.

June 01, 2019 — Five Dot