minimalist skincare

Five Dot Botanics is a minimalist skincare brand, challenging the status quo of long ingredient lists in personal cosmetics. We have one mission "do more with less".

Five Dot Botanics formulates skincare that uses just five ingredients in every product.
Rather than needing to source thousands of ingredients from across the globe, we only need to source five ingredients for each product.

We formulate with green chemistry principles in mind, and our product range is designed to do no harm to humans or the environment.

Raw materials are selected based on biocompatibility, and we focus on science backed active botanicals. We avoid chemicals that pose an adverse impact on the environment.

We use only five ingredients in any product, offering consumers minimal ingredients in their products with no compromise on efficacy.

We have a capsule collection of skincare products that work stand-alone, multi-functionally or together. We believe in a minimalist approach to skincare and consumption.

We are mindful of our packaging, and we are constantly looking at ways to reduce it or improve it. We aim to prevent waste production, and we are always thinking how we can reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and/or dispose of things in an environmentally friendly way.

Our cartons are FSC certified mix boards, and we use recyclable glass for the majority of our products.

Our products require minimal water to use, and we also have anhydrous formulations that contain no water in the product formulation.

We have one mission. Do more with less.